Tubbs Flex Trek

Picture of Tubbs Flex Trek
A multi-purpose snowshoe. Featuring the streamlined 180™EZ binding that offers an effortless and comfortable use. An intuitive forefoot strap on the QuickPull™ binding cinches easily and unlocks with one buckle push. The pivoting toe stop allows for speedy adjustments, and Control Wings™ keep your heel aligned. In two sizes: 22 for EU 36-43, 24 for EU 40-47.
Picture of Tubbs Flex Trek


22 W,24

Snowshoe Category

Day Hiking


Tubbs Toe Crampon,Traction Rails


180™ EZ Binding,Quickpull™ Binding

Snowshoe Frame

Flex Deck™

Has Heel Lift

Heel Lift

Binding Features