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Elpex Classic Rear Wheel

60mm wide. Suits Elpex Classis Roller Skis. 'post 93' model.

Elpex F1 Skate Wheel Complete

Solid rubber wheel with bearing, spacer and bolt.

Elpex F1 Skate Wheel Only (no bearing)

Solid rubber wheel only not supplied with bearing, spacer or bolt.

Red Creek Tungsten Tips 10.5 mm

Roller ski ferrules, metal carbide, 10.5 mm.

Red Creek Tungsten Tips 9.5 mm

Roller ski ferrules, metal carbide, 9.5 mm.

Rottefella Xcelerator Roller Ski

The Rottefella Rollerski bindings are specially designed for roller skis. It is built to withstand the vibration that roller ski bindings sustain as such they have gone to a thicker casting and back to a screw down mount for a more secure hold on the roller skis.

Swix BA100 Dry Lube 100ml

SWIX Dry Lube ensures a great chain lubrication in dry conditions. Sprays on to leave a thin, protective layer. SWIX Dry Lube is eco-friendly, biodegradable and user friendly. Spray bottle. 100 ml.

Swix BA110 Wet Lube 100ml

SWIX Wet Lube ensures great chain lubrication in wet conditions. Hydrophobic and dirt resistant. SWIX Wet Lube is the product of countless iterations and deep research and development. Biodegradable. Liquid bottle with practical «twist-lock» opening. 100 ml.

Swix BA120 Degreaser 250ml

SWIX Degreaser removes grime and oil residues from the chain leaving it ready to be maintained. Born from years of World Cup ski tech cleaning and support, this bike formula is eco-friendly, biodegradable, leaving no residue and a drivetrain ready for lubrication and performance. Biodegradable. Spray bottle. 250 ml.

Swix BA130 Bike Wash 1000ml

A powerful, gentle cleaner for the entire bike. Effective, even at low temperatures.

Swix Classic Roadline C2

A perfect all-around rollerski, the Classic Roadline C2 is fit for a wide audience of skiers ranging from the recreational skier to elite skier. Complete with a Rottefella NIS plate and pre-drilled for SNS. The design has reflective elements for excellent visibility and road safety.
$599.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Flash Reflective Vest

Practical high-visibility gold reflective vest. For workouts in the dark on and off the ski tracks. Front zipper and preshaped silhouette for good fit. Mesh in back. Large reflective sections.

swix roadline rollerski classic

Swix Roadline Classic has new developed shape for maximum torsional stiffness
$649.00 SAVE 20%

swix roadline rollerski skate

Swix Roadline Skate has lowered center of gravity frame for perfect ski feeling and stability.
$495.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Roller Ski Ferrules

Tungsten roller ski tips/ferrules 10mm

Swix Triac Carbon Skate

Triac Carbon is Super lightweight rollerski for skating with two flex options.
$695.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Triac Roller Ski Tips

Swix Roller Ski Tips for TBS Triac Basket System. Reflective lock nut.

V2 Aero 125SR Wheel Complete

V2 Aero 125SR split rim, tyre and tube.

V2 Aero XL150SC-S

The V2 Aero roller skis are the most versatile roller skis available. the 150SC-S is a short shaft combi ski that offers all the benefits of a skate ski with a ratchet in the front wheel that allows you to stride if you wish. The large diameter pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces where it’s impossible to roller ski on smaller diameter solid wheels. The skis can be used on dirt roads, bicycle path’s & Rail Trails and on grass. On normal pavement the pneumatic tires provide an extremely smooth ride.
$695.00 SAVE 20%

V2 ATRA (Adjustable Training Resistance Aluminum)

V2's ATRA is a lever actuated system to adjust rolling resistance.

V2 B150XL Brake

The XL Brakes are designed for all V2 XL style roller skis.

V2 Roller Ski Tips 10mm

Tungsten Carbide Roller Ski Tips/Ferrules.

V2 RW9 Clutch Wheels (pair)

900 AND 900K SERIES WHEELS RW9 Front Clutch wheel for all 900 and 900K series classic skis. 70mm.

V2 Tube 125

V2 Tube for 125mm Aero wheels.

V2 Universal Brake B900

V2-B900 brake is for 800 and 900 series roller skis pre the XL fork design. The third generation brake is lighter and stronger.

V2 W85R Skate Wheels (pair)

800 Series Replacement Wheels. A non-ratcheting medium fast skate wheel replacement.

V2 W94R Skate Wheels (pair)

940C, XL940C AND XLC940C REPLACEMENT WHEELS W94R Rear replacement free-wheel for all 940C models. 70mm.

V2 XL100R ATR Speed Reducer

ATR (Advanced Training Resistance) Speed Reducers have revolutionized the roller ski market by providing skiers with the ability to increase their resistance for training as well as providing a way to slow the ski down when negotiating moderate downhill’s. All ATRA’s have one neutral position and multiple resistance positions and they are easily engaged or disengaged while skiing by simply reaching forward and either moving the lever backwards or forwards.
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