Swix TA087 Side-edge guide 87°

Picture of Swix TA087 Side-edge guide 87°
The Swix Side Edge File Guide will help you put a razor sharp bevel on your edges so your boards can grip the hardest of boiler plate conditions. The Side-edge file guide has roller bearings for smooth operation, and clamp for secure holding of swix files.
Picture of Swix TA087 Side-edge guide 87°
Manufacturer: Swix
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  • Fixed Degree Angle For A Precise Bevel You Wont Get With Adjustable File Guides
  • Roller Bearings Help It Glide Smoothly Across Your Base And Allow Filings To Fall Away
  • Built-in Clamp
  • Great For Either Alpine Skis Or Snowboards

TA087 holds file at 87 degrees for icy conditions and high performance handling.

TA089 holds file at 89 degrees for most medium to hard snow conditions.


TA088  2º
TA087  3º
TA086  4º

SWIX Side Edge Guide TA086-098 

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