Our Workshop

Workshop Prices


 Mounting of Bindings 


 Racing: Pilot, NNN 3, Profil


 L/Tour & Tour: BC Systems


 Telemark: (Cable, Plate, 75mm), Roller skis, NTN, AT 

 $70.00 to $100




 L/T, Race Bindings

 Add $20.00

 Wheel Resistors and Brakes to Roller Skis

 Add $20.00

 Telemark Bindings (Cable, Plate, 75mm) 

 Add $30.00


 Service - Waxing - Repairs 


 Hot wax/scrape and brush XC 


 Hot wax/scrape and brush XC F4 Fluoro Wax


 Hot wax/scrape and brush Alpine


 Edge tune/de-bur from


 Hot wax & pattern prep


 Base repair (Ptex)

 From $10.00

 Wintersteiger stonegrinding


Major Ski and Pole repairs (breaks and delaminations): P.O.A

Skis and bindings not purchased at Snow Trek & Travel will incur an additional Charge of $50 per pair for binding mounts/remounts on the normal workshop prices.