Swix Sonic R4 Telescopic

Picture of Swix Sonic R4 Telescopic
Swix Sonic R4 is an adjustable pole dedicated for backcountry and randonee skiing. It is not just another telescopic pole, but a complete new way of thinking. No details has been ignored - function and simplicity are the key words.
Picture of Swix Sonic R4 Telescopic
Manufacturer: Swix

The Swix Sonic Locking System
The Sonic Locking mechanism is advanced though simple and comprises of only three parts; two anodized machined aluminum parts and a nylon-clamping sleeve that connects the tubes together.

The locking system is self-adjusted – every time you lock it there is no need for adjustments after some usage. Every time you fix the pole to a desired length it is fixed and there is no need for excessive force to fix the two parts.

The need for maintenance is minimal and all parts can be taken apart without any tools. Reassembly is intuitive and done in seconds, even out in the field.

By placing the locking mechanism a distance of 15 cm from the bottom of the handle you achieve several advantages; less material used and consequently less weight, better pendulum, maneuverability and better strength and stiffness. The location of the locking mechanism also serves a function when gripping down on the shaft while traversing across steep terrain.