Swix KN44 Nero Klister 55g

Picture of Swix KN44 Nero Klister 55g
Swix NERO klister. Perfect for changing snow conditions. For training and competition. Secure grip for a long time.
Picture of Swix KN44 Nero Klister 55g
Manufacturer: Swix

-3°C to +5°C. A revolutionary klister with a black ingredient that has shown an impressive performance, and the key properties is enhanced in all aspect of the product: VERSATILE: It can handle changing snow conditions very well and it has great anti-icing properties. EXCELLENT DIRT MANAGEMENT: It collects significantly less dirt from the snow than traditionally klisters. NO FLOATING KLISTER: It is durable and stays better within the kick-zone than other klisters. GREAT KICK OVER TIME: It provides a secure kick over longer time than traditional klisters, due to its special characteristics.

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