Swix High Velocity Cera HVC Cold 50ml

Picture of Swix High Velocity Cera HVC Cold 50ml
Picture of Swix High Velocity Cera HVC Cold 50ml
Manufacturer: Swix
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+2ºC to -10ºC. Liquid topping for racing. Very easy to apply with the felt applicator. No brushing is required, so after application the skis are 100 % race ready.
HVC Cold is working best in air humidity above 70 % and together with Cera F powder, but can also be used with with an LF or CH glider with very good result.
One bottle is enough for 10-12 pair skating skis, 13-15 pair of classic skis or 6 alpine skis. Comes in a very exclusive outer box.

Please Note: This item is ONLY available as a Pick-Up from our Wodonga Store.
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 As these contain a flammable liquid and are unable to be shipped via Australia Post. 
We CANNOT ship these overseas.

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