Swix HF6 Liquid Wax

Picture of Swix HF6 Liquid Wax
Time efficient, easy to work with, and impressively durable for a liquid wax, HF6 Liquid Blue provides glide and speed comparable to standard Swix HFX paraffin waxes.
Picture of Swix HF6 Liquid Wax
Manufacturer: Swix
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Use this high-performance spray glider on its own or as a base for Swix powders and top-coat additives – simply spray it on, allow the film to dry completely, then polish with a fine nylon brush.

  • Bag-on-Valve aerosol technology for quick, easy, consistent application
  • Spray on, allow to dry, then polish with fine nylon brush
  • Great base for Swix powders and top coats
  • Hot-waxing should still be performed on new or freshly ground skis

Apply liquid wax in temperatures above 50°F and allow at least 15 minutes for film to dry. To avoid exposure to solvent vapors, always apply liquid wax in a well-ventilated area.