Swix HF10BWX Black Wolf 40g

Picture of Swix HF10BWX Black Wolf 40g
Due to the success to the HF Waxes with the Swix BD Additive, the Cera nova Category 2 Group is expanded by the addition of HF10BW.
Black, +10°C to 0°C (50°F to 32°F). The softest wax in the Black Wolf -line. The preferred choice on wet, dirty, coarse-grained snow as a base for Swix Cera F FC10 or FC10B0. Recommended iron temperature setting of 110°C (230°F).
This is an Excellent wax for new wet snow mixed with older man made snow. 40g.
Picture of Swix HF10BWX Black Wolf 40g
Manufacturer: Swix

Black Wolf: HFBW contains a new additive.

  • Has been tested on World Cup alpine and XC with excellent results.
  • The solid lubricants as additives are particularly good in man made snow, transformed and polluted snow
  • Also good in cold snow (dry friction)
  • The new additive has considerably lower coefficient of friction compared with previous additives.
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