Swix HF10 Liquid Wax

Picture of Swix HF10 Liquid Wax
The Swix HF10 liquid wax can be used without additional components or as a base for powder and HVC. It was specially developed for warm temperatures and is suitable for all snow conditions, but especially at high humidity.
Picture of Swix HF10 Liquid Wax
Manufacturer: Swix
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Liquid racing wax for spraying. At temperatures below -12 ° C we recommend the use of conventional ironing waxes. The Swix HF10 Liquid Wax comes in a compact 120ml bottle and offers a clean and easy handling. The different colors correspond to different temperature ranges. Blue (-12 ° C to -4 ° C), Purple (-7 ° C to -2 ° C), Red (-4 ° C to 4 ° C), Yellow (2 ° C to 10 ° C) .


- Liquid racing wax
- Excellent at high humidity
- Suitable for all types of snow
- Easy handling & top results