Swix Classic Aluminium Performance Pole

5086 Aluminum. PC handle, BIA strap and large. This aluminum pole comes with the touring basket TR400 which gives it a more universal usage area since it can be used both on loose snow and groomed trails. (Not the '97 baskets shown) Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Lengths: 125 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, cruising.
Manufacturer: Swix
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Aluminum shafts
When the percentage of glass fiber in a composite shaft reaches the 60% level, then the weight is so high that aluminum becomes a better alternative. Aluminum is stiffer, lighter and more durable compared to composite poles with a high share of glass fiber. Recommended alternatives are AluLite, AluStar and AluTeam, which feature hardened aluminum shafts. Although these shafts are much more reasonably priced, the added weight is a disadvantage in terms of pendulum properties.

Which basket suits my needs the best?
If you primarily ski on groomed trails, then we recommend using poles with small, asymmetrical baskets. Small baskets are light and add a lighter feel and speed to the pendulum, while at the same time provide a solid platform on groomed snow. The disadvantage is that small baskets easily penetrate through loose snow. The Force basket (available in 3 sizes) or the large or small ’97 racing basket are recommended for racing.

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