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Star K3 Gripper Klister

For old icy snow, for glossy or icy tracks. Temperature range: +2°C / -2°C 60 ml.

Star LA6 Wax

This wax gives results in average medium cold snow conditions or on icy and abrasive snow with low relative air humidity. LA6 is very resistant to abrasion and is therefore recommended for long tracks. Excellent possibility to further harden this product with C1 or C2 cold Powders. 60g. Air Temperature Range: +4° to -10°C
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Star NA4 Wax 130g

This wide range wax has an excellent penetration into bases. The perfect product for training and protecting your skis. Remember that skis should always be waxed, even with an economical protection product. For racing results, it is always possible to cover NA products with fluorcarbon waxes or 100% fluorcarbon. Air Temperature Range: +2° to -6°C

Star RB13 Horse-Hair 10mm Roto

Horse-Hair 10 mm. Finish brush for high fluorcarbon waxes. 40076.
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