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Swix Skin Care Pro Warm

High-end impregnation for integrated skins. Provides excellent glide properties and makes the skis slide better when striding. In addition, it provides dirt repellant properties and reduces the risk of icing. Developed especially for conditions from +2°C to +10°C. Wuick drying. To be applied before skiing.
Pumpspray. Includes Fiberlene.
70 ml/2.37 fl. oz. Min. 10 pcs
$79.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Skin Care Pro Zero

High-end Impregnation for integrated skins. Makes the skis slide better when striding, and secures great glide over time. Especially developed to avoid icing, when tricky conditions around 0°C. Also provides dirt repellant properties. Developed especially for conditions from -3°C to +3°C. Quick drying. To be applied before skiing.
Pumpspray. Includes Fiberlene.
70ml/2.37 fl. oz. Min. 10 pcs
$69.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Skin Ski Kit

Kit with everything you need to maintain your skin skis! Everything you need to get a better ski experience. Contains: Skin Care Skin Cleaner Glide wax Fiberlene paper for application
$89.50 SAVE 20%

Swix Soft Wax Kit

34cmX 32cmX 17cm Weekend soft wax carry case.

Swix Steel Scraper

Steel scraper for peeling or straightening bases.

Swix Strap Pro Fit TCS

The perfect combination of performance and comfort For racing and recreational use For racers, athletes and exercisers Great fit and performance TCS system
$79.00 SAVE 17%

Swix SW02 Double Wheeled Ski Bag

Adjusts to accommodate skis from 180cm to 215cm. Fully padded tip to tail main compartment with U shape opening, holds and protects ski’s and poles. Interior synch straps with padded divider to keep gear and skis organized and secure. Zippered front wax and tool organizer. Quick release adjustable compression straps. Long webbing handles and shoulder straps. Rigid structure around the wheels and plastic molded rub rails protect the bottom of bag. In line skate style wheels in rugged corner-mounted housings with integrated bridge to keep bag stable. 222 cm x 33 cm x 32 cm.
$299.00 SAVE 20%

Swix SW18 Padded Nordic 2 pr

Made with 900 denier polyester with PU packing. Holds two pair of Nordic poles, PVC inner pipe for protection and durability. ¾ zip lid at top with inside pocket to hold tips. Detachable padded non skid shoulder straps. 175cm max pole length.

Swix SW19 7pr Padded Pole Tube

Durable SWIX bag for travelling and storage. Holds 7 pair of Nordic poles up to 175cm.

Swix T0010 Synthetic Cork

Synthetic cork for application of all stick waxes.
$8.95 SAVE 15%

Swix T0011 Synthetic Cork with Sandpaper

Synthetic cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with velcro. Sandpaper designed for use on the kick zone before applying grip wax, to make the wax adhere better to the base.
$13.50 SAVE 20%

Swix T0012PS Protection Cover for Roto Brush

For Rotobrushes, 100 mm.
$36.50 SAVE 20%

Swix T0014HN Roto Brush Handle

Delivered without drive shaft. Suits Swix hexagonal drive shafts.
$129.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0014HPS 100mm Roto Handle, Cover and Shaft

Roto handle, cover anddriveshaft. For everybody who uses roto brushes. Easy to use Roto handle with 100 mm hexagonal drive shaft and protection cover. For 100 mm brushes.
$239.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0014SL Drive Shaft for Handle 210mm

Hexagonal drive shaft for mounting two Roto brushes, each 100 mm.
$79.95 SAVE 20%

Swix T0017W Roto Brush Nylon

Finish and polish brush for paraffin wax and Cera F. 100 mm wide.
$99.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0018C Roto Cork

High quality cork for application of Cera F Powder, Solid and Liquid. 100 mm wide.
$99.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0019S Roto Brush Steel 100mm

High quality roto brush. Effective when there are many skis or boards to prepare.
$269.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0021 Natural Cork with Felt

Felt backed, natural cork for the iron-less application of Cera F.
$14.50 SAVE 20%

Swix T0023 Snowboard Natural Cork with Felt

Larger snowboard size. Felt backed, natural cork for the iron-less application of Cera F, paste waxes or other fluros.
$15.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T00785 Nordic Travel Ski Vise

Three-piece alu profile to put in wax box. Ideal for traveling and to provide secure waxing conditions.
$329.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0149-50 World Cup Ski Vise

"World Cup" vise for alpine. For normal width skis.
$499.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0157O Oval Horsehair Brush

Second brush or all round brush on Cera F. 5 to 10 strokes.
$109.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0158O Coarse Bronze First Wax Brush

Medium coarse bronze brush. 0.18 mm. Preferred by some as first brush on wax in alpine. 10 strokes.
$139.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0159B Combi Bronze Nylon Brush

Handy combi brush! Great for base prep prior to waxing and initial brushing before finishing with the nylon brush.
$49.95 SAVE 20%

Swix T0160B Blue Nylon Cera F Brush

Fine blue nylon brush for final brushing of Cera F application. Comes without cork back.
$49.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0160O Fine Nylon Finish For Wax/Cera F

The Swix Fine Nylon Brush is a great polishing brush for skis. This is an ideal finishing brush on Cera F products. The Fine Nylon Brush from Swix polishes all waxes however, after they have been scraped and gone over with the steel and bronze brushes. The convenient hand strap has a velcro adjustment, so you can keep your hand firm and secure, giving you the most responsive feel when you polish your skis. Swix recommends 5-10 strokes with this polishing brush. Tip to tail.
$99.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0161O

All round brush.
$99.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0161SB Small White Nylon Brush

Practical pocket sized all round brush.
$20.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0162B Med Coarse Bronze First Wax Brush

Medium bronze brush. First brush used after scraping. For brushing glide wax out of the structure.
$69.00 SAVE 20%
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