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Swix All Purpose Scraper for Hard Wax

Plastic scraper for removal of kick wax or wax on the sides.

Swix Groove and Edge Scraper

Groove, edge and general purpose soft scraper. Made of softer plastic to reduce likelyhood of damage to the ski.
$2.95 SAVE 20%

Swix Plexi Scraper 4mm

Acrylic plastic scraper 4mm thick. Recommended for intermediate to expeienced wax technicians due to increased stiffness.
$11.50 SAVE 20%

Swix Plexi Scraper 5mm

Acrylic plastic scraper 5mm thick. Recommended for experienced wax technicians due to maximum stiffness and thus increased likelyhood of damaging the ski if used incorrectly.
$13.50 SAVE 20%

Swix T0408 Plexi Sharpener

For sharpening Acrylic and Plastic Scrapers used on skis and snowboards.
$45.00 SAVE 20%

Swix T0823D Plexi Scraper 3mm

Acrylic plastic scraper 3mm thick. Recommended for less experienced wax technicians due to decreased likelyhood of damaging the ski.
$9.50 SAVE 20%

Swix T410 Plexi Sharpener WC large

World Cup sharpening tool for plexi scrapers with 100 mm quality file fro Switzerland. Two walls for stable position makes it easy to sharpen precise.
$59.00 SAVE 20%