Rottefella Xcelerator Roller Ski

Picture of Rottefella Xcelerator Roller Ski
The Rottefella Rollerski bindings are specially designed for roller skis. It is built to withstand the vibration that roller ski bindings sustain as such they have gone to a thicker casting and back to a screw down mount for a more secure hold on the roller skis.
Picture of Rottefella Xcelerator Roller Ski
Manufacturer: Rottefella

Rottefella Xcelerator Skate/Classic Roller ski bindings can handle all surfaces and provides the same feeling and power as the Rottefella Xcelerator Snow bindings for winter use. 

Weight: 280 g
Width: 56,7 mm
Safety: securiy lock in front
Opening angel: 40°
Size: One fits all (35-52)
Material: Impact modified