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Redline Carbon Skate Cold

To break cross-country records, look no further. With a P200 Nano Black base, super lightweight construction, and the ideal camber stiffness profile for a cross-country ski, the Redline Carbon Skate Cold boasts superior gliding properties and maximum power transfer. The 2018 Redline Carbon Skate Cold is our fastest skate ski to date.

Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus DEMO

These skis have been used as wax testing skis at the Madshus factory in Norway. They have had wax applied and been skied breifly on a testing course. An opportunity for a fantastic deal these skis will be supplied freshly waxed with a low flouro compound.

Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Skate

Side cut for optimal performance in soft to medium snow conditions. Extremely lightweight PR 100X core with very high anti-vibration properties. Triaxial Carbon Construction (TCC). P190 Nano Technology base. It's low camber line offers a hard flex at the end of your stride optimized for short pressure areas, The new skate tip geometry provides clean power transfer with minimal swingweight.

Madshus Hypersonic Carbon Skate

Hypersonic Carbon Skate brings World Cup performance from Race Day to training.

Madshus Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate

The Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate nordic ski is the perfect all around model from everything from fast fitness workouts to long weekend skate tours.

Madshus Megasonic Skate

This Model is for citizen racers and fitness enthusiasts looking for stability, comfort and easy skiing.

Madshus Ultrasonic Skate Ski

Featuring the Madshus Paulownia core construction with our unique fiberglass and carbon layup, the redesigned Ultrasonic is the perfect ultralight entry-level race performance cross country ski for the aspiring Nordic racer. The shorter length, moderate sidecut, light weight, and responsive carbon reinforcement accelerate quickly and provide exceptional feel from the snow. The P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base offers extra speed when it comes to glide and smoothness.
From $375.00