New products

Swix Double Ski Bag with Wheels

The Swix SW collection is built with bold new features and graphics. Made with 1680 ballistic denier polyester and ultra-durable Tarpaulin panels for strength and waterproofing. 3D engineered print and embossed logo.
$195.00 SAVE 20%

The M Equipment Ski Brake 95

The simple installation requires disassembly of the ironing plate. The ski stoppers are compatible with all MEIDJO models.

Tubbs Flex ESC Snowshoes

Flex Deck frame with metal toe crampon and traction rails
$299.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Plexi Scraper 3mm

Plexi scraper for scraping off glider, 3 mm.

Swix T0995 Gummy Stone Hard Blue

Blue, extra hard stone for polishing and fine-tuning edges
$24.50 SAVE 20%

Swix TA587 Side Edge File Guide Racing

Strong racing file guide.
$65.00 SAVE 20%

Swix TA588 Side Edge File Guide

Strong racing file guide.
$65.00 SAVE 20%