Madsus Supergrip

Picture of Madsus Supergrip
Based on the same great performance and value of the Superwax, the Supergrip cross country ski uses the Multigrip wax-free system for worry-free ski preparation.
Get your kids outside quickly and easily with Multigrip’s strong kick pattern, and enjoy the easy mounting of the NIS binding plate for a no-hassle youth/junior ski built to inspire winter adventure.
Picture of Madsus Supergrip
Manufacturer: Madshus
With Rottefella NNN Auto Binding
$195.00 SAVE 20% $195.00
Length: 100-170/10cm
Sidecut: 48-44-46mm
Weight: 800g/130cm
Core: Multicore with Torsion Cap Construction
Base: Recycled Multigrip Wax-Free System
This ski is supplied with a Rottefella NNN Auto binding at no extra charge.
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