Madshus Ultrasonic Classic MGV

Picture of Madshus Ultrasonic Classic MGV
The Ultrasonic MGV+ ski is the perfect entry-level nordic race ski for aspiring racers.
Picture of Madshus Ultrasonic Classic MGV
Manufacturer: Madshus
$375.00 SAVE 20% $375.00

Its sidecut offers easy handling, while its balanced stiffness and camber provides the perfect kick zone. With the MGV+ waxless kick zone, the Ultrasonic MGV+ classic ski is versatile in all conditions without having to worry about waxing.

LENGTH: 180-205cm/5
SIDECUT: 44-42-43mm
WEIGHT: 1150g/190cm
CORE: Paulownia with Carbon Reinforcement
BASE: P-Tex 2000 Electra with MGV+ base