Madshus Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate

Picture of Madshus Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate
The Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate nordic ski is the perfect all around model from everything from fast fitness workouts to long weekend skate tours.
Picture of Madshus Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate
Manufacturer: Madshus
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Combining the P190 Nano Universal base, increased side cut, and lightweight construction, the Terrasonic / Suprasonic Skate ski is a cross country ski that provides a stable and responsive feel at unbeatable quality and value.
LENGTH: 175-195cm/5
SIDECUT: 44-42-44mm
WEIGHT: 1150g/190cm
CAMBER: Skate Medium - Madshus Speed Tip
CORE: Polycell
BASE: P190 Nano


The P190 base was designed as a race ready base that is versatile in a variety of conditions.
P190 Base Technology


3D Construction is the unique process of shaping a ski’s surface geometry to remove weight and channel stiffness, for a precise tuning of a ski’s torsional rigidity and flex.
3D Construction Technology


A component of the ski’s overall profile, Madshus Speed Tip offers the perfect splay needed to elongate the ski’s pressure zone, ideal for colder snow conditions.
Madshus Speed Tip Technology


3D-shaped to maximize the feel of the ski, the PU-based foam core utilizes specific carbon and fiberglass reinforcements to guarantee flex consistency with excellent dampening properties.
Polycell Technology