Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus DEMO

Picture of Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus DEMO
These skis have been used as wax testing skis at the Madshus factory in Norway. They have had wax applied and been skied breifly on a testing course. An opportunity for a fantastic deal these skis will be supplied freshly waxed with a low flouro compound.
Picture of Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus DEMO
Manufacturer: Madshus

Designed, tested and proven with the best athletes in the world, the REDLINE Nordic Skis Series establishes a new standard for speed.

Due to its camber profile and the P200 Plus base, the REDLINE Carbon Skate Plus Nordic Ski is the perfect choice for skiing in soft snow and also warmer conditions.

Watch Explaining the Redline Carbon Skate Skis.

Train smarter with your REDLINE skis by paring them with the Madshus empower™ app.

LENGTH: 175-195cm/5
SIDECUT: 44-43-44mm
WEIGHT: 950g/190cm
CAMBER: Skate Low/Madshus Speed Tip
CORE: PR 100X & Triaxial Carbon Construction
BASE: P200 Nano Black Plus


3D Construction is the unique process of shaping a ski’s surface geometry to remove weight and channel stiffness, for a precise tuning of a ski’s torsional rigidity and flex.
3D Construction Technology


Triaxial Braiding Construction is the process of interlocking strands of fiberglass and carbon fiber around the entire core. This unique method produces excellent torsional rigidity and strength while maintaining a lively feel and light-weight.
  • 1) 3D Cap
  • 2) Linear Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Triaxial Woven Fiberglass
  • 6) Fiberglass Veil
  • 7) Base
Triaxial Carbon Construction Technology


The PR 100X Core is a high-performance Rohacell foam core that was developed for extreme strength-to-weight applications in aeronautics that helps provide dampening properties and adds strength and stiffness to the ski without extra weight.
PR 100X Core Technology


The Madshus Speed Tip Plus maximizes glide by creating shorter pressure zones that help float over soft and wet snow conditions.
Madshus Speed Tip Plus Technology


An NFC chip embedded in the ski’s core with data about the ski’s internal properties and measurements. A digital database relays the unique internal signature of each ski. By scanning the skis’ internal chip, you instantly gain information about the skis’ properties, such as flex profiles, target skier weight, optimal waxing properties and camber profiles.
intellichip Technology


CAD (Computer Aided Design) provides Madshus the opportunity to produce skis of incredibly complex 3-dimensional designs to accompany the high performance characteristics of the Madshus RED and Champion skis. From initial testing, Madshus industrial designers and engineers process the feedback from athletes and digitally simulate changes to evaluate current and proposed properties of the skis.
CAD Technology


The P200 Black Plus base technology features unique materials that ensure maximum dirt resistance and eliminate suction with their hydrophobic properties. Featured exclusively on the REDLINE series, the P200 combines incredible durability with unmatched wax permeability to create the pinnacle of our racing bases.
P200 Nano Black Plus Technology
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