Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Plus DEMO

Picture of Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Plus DEMO
These skis have been used as wax testing skis at the Madshus factory in Norway. They have had wax applied and been skied breifly on a testing course. An opportunity for a fantastic deal these skis will be supplied freshly waxed with a low flouro compound.
Picture of Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Plus DEMO
Manufacturer: Madshus
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Designed, tested and proven with the best athletes in the world, the REDLINE Nordic Ski Series establishes a new standard for speed.

With a higher camber profile and P200 Nano Transparent base, you are guaranteed better kick and glide in soft, dirty snow with the REDLINE Carbon Classic Plus Nordic Ski.

Train smarter with your REDLINE skis by paring them with the Madshus empower™ app.

Watch Explaining the Redline Classic skis.

LENGTH: 185-210/5

SIDECUT: 44-42-44mm
WEIGHT: 900g/190cm
CAMBER: Classic Low/Madshus Speed Tip Plus
CORE: PR 100X and Triaxial Carbon Construction
BASE: P200 Nano Transparent