Madshus Redline 3.0 F2 - Hard

Picture of Madshus Redline 3.0 F2 - Hard
F2: for harder snow conditions. Using top calibre racing for ultimate design and provide the fastest skis possible. Redline F2 feature Tuned Dynamic Response technology to provide phenomenal energy return and maintain optimal gliding surfaces throughout the entire duration of the ski push – improving snow feeling and maintaining speed. Between the two models the F2 is designed with longer pressure zones and a longer groove to improve stability and maximize top end speed, while the F3 is built to have shorter pressure zones and a revolutionary back-only groove. This design truly excels in softer or slower snow where it often feels like you need to switch to offset (V1) technique to maintain momentum. By removing the groove in the front pressure zone, it is now easier to turn the ski onto edge in the correct position for efficiently maintaining double skate (V2) further into uphills.
Picture of Madshus Redline 3.0 F2 - Hard
Manufacturer: Madshus
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