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Swix F4 Easy Glide Wax Fluor Liquid 80ml

F4 high water-repellent fluoro past wax in tube for skis and snowboards. For all snow conditions. Apply, Polish and go! Liquid with applicator. 80ml.

Swix F4 Easy Glide Wax Fluor Paste 40ml

F4 high quality water-repellant fluoro paste wax for skis and snowboards. Handy pocket size with applicator pad inside. For all snow conditions. Apply, polish and go! 40ml

Swix LF8X Wax Red 180g

$67.50 SAVE -2%

Swix Zero 70 Spray 70ml

Protective, Anti-icing spray for Kick/Grip selection on cross country IntellliGrip / Zero skis. Low fluorinated economical spray which helps to avoid icing on fresh moist snow around freezing (0ºC) To be used in the kick/grip selection on classic racing cross country skis with mechanical grip from factory or skis abraded with sandpaper. Let dry for two minutes after application. Comes with upside down applicator. 70ml Air Temperature Range: 0°C