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Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Skate Jr

The Nanosonic Carbon Skate Jr.cross country ski offers true racing performance with the same top of the line features developed from the Champion Series adult ski.
$549.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Nanosonic IntelliGrip Jr

The Nanosonic Classic IntelliGrip Jr. takes construction elements from its adult Nanosonic counterpart, and adds the consistent waxless performance of IntelliGrip into the base. This makes it easier for a jr. skier to have consistent kick and grip, while still maintaining glide
$495.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Hypersonic Skate Jr

The Hypersonic Skate Jr. Nordic Ski provides high-quality skate ski performance with great value for junior skiers.
From $319.20

Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Classic Jr Zero

The Nanosonic Carbon Classic Zero Jr. cross country ski takes the top of the line adult racing skis, and implemented into a design exclusively for junior racers.
$549.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Ultrasonic IntelliGrip Jr

Designed for easy handling and solid all-around performance, we've integrated a new Madshus IntelliGrip skin into the base. This makes it easier for a jr. skier to have consistent kick and grip, while still maintaining glide.
$295.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Ultrasonic Skate Jr

Ultrasonic Skate Jr is a Norwegian made junior ski with racing properties at an affordable price. An excellent choice for those looking for a junior skating ski with properties such as a light weight, easy handling and perfect edge hold. Ultrasonic Skate Jr is a high-quality ski, built on a racing construction and has a stone-ground P-Tex 2000E carbon base for optimal glide.
Use: Entry Level and Recreational Skating
$299.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Snow Pup Skis

Wide and stable construction, the Snow Pup has a NoWax base that makes for hassle-free snowy exploration.
$119.00 SAVE 20%

Asnes Mountain Race Junior

Mountain Race Jr. is the perfect back country ski, at a size perfect for younger explorers. These skis are designed to work with Asnes 58 mm Mohair or Nylon skins, or grip wax.
$339.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Active Jnr IGS

Active IntelliGrip Jr. is perfect for young skiers looking for a classic ski that just works. Whether training, racing, or skiing for fun, the IntelliGrip skin will provide junior skiers with reliable grip, good glide, and an enjoyable experience.
$295.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Frost MG

The Frost MG makes winter play even easier for young kids with the no-hassle, wax-free Multigrip base. Go anywhere with excellent grip from the waxless pattern and the durability of the wood core and cap construction, all packaged together with appealing girls’ graphics and an NIS plate for easy binding mounting.
$169.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Race Pro Junior Skate

The Race Pro Skate Jr. Ski is a great option for juniors starting out in the sport of cross country skiing. The construction and materials used are the same as in our senior models, but the geometry is adjusted for the proportions and weight of junior skiers. Emphasis is placed on stability, which improves confidence and control on skis. This does not only make skiing more fun, but it also helps skill progression and allows your junior to advance to the next level.
$599.00 SAVE 20%

Nanosonic Skate Jr

$549.00 SAVE 20%