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K2 Pinnacle 88 Ti

Quick turning, precise, and playful, the K2 Pinnacle 88 Ti is the ski of choice for technical descents and ripping groomer runs alike. We beefed up the Fir/Aspen Konic core this year adding even more stability and edge grip while keeping the ski extremely maneuverable thanks to our All-Terrain rocker camber profile. Early rise tips are the story here, giving the ski a shorter effective edge while on hard pack with all the benefits of its true length in variable and soft snow.
$949.00 SAVE 30%

K2 Pinnacle 95

Our testers jumped at the chance to get on this year’s K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti. After gaining traction of the past couple of years, the Pinnacle series really came into its own. Skiers realized that you don’t have to have the stiffest and strongest ski to enjoy your day on the mountain, what you really need is the proper ski for your ability and the terrain and conditions that you normally ski. Enter the K2 Pinnacle 95: it’s a no-nonsense ski but it is born from playful parenting. The designers at K2 built a ski that can handle any and all conditions. It can carve on groomers, float through powder, and bust through crud. If there’s a better-rounded ski out there, we’d like to see it.
$999.00 SAVE 30%

K2 She's Piste 174cm

LOOK WHAT WE'VE JUST FOUND IN THE STORE ROOM! The K2 She’s Piste Telemark Ski features classic K2 Mod technology, is Triaxial braided, and ready for whatever you throw at it. Quick handling and amazing response and edge control make this ski ahead of the curve and you ahead of the pack. 1 PAIR ONLY 174cm
$799.00 SAVE 68%

K2 Talkback 88

Whether it's a sunny spring day skiing corn or a mid-winter alpine objective, the Talkback 88 gets you to the top and back with confidence and ease.
$949.00 SAVE 30%
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