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Swix V60 Stick: Red silver

Red with silver to resist dirt. Another favourite, the colour red (really fast) and silver, what more do we need to say? Well... it is perfect for wet new snow and for older transformed granular snow. New fallen snow (0 to +3 C) Transformed snow (-1 to +1 C)

Swix VR30 Light Blue Fluor 45g

Designed for cold to extremely cold conditions.

Swix VR40 Blue Fluor 45g

For normal, subfreezing temperatures.

Swix VR45 Light Violet Fluor, 45g

A flexible wax for temperatures around freezing and colder.

Swix VR50 Violet Fluor 45g

Designed for moist to dry snow around freezing 0ºC (32ºF). When used below freezing, high humidity is required.

Swix VR55N Violet Fluor 45g

Soft violet wax without silver. For slightly moist snow around freezing, +2°C to 0°C. Gives good grip on older snow below freezing from 0°C to -3°C without sacrificing glide. Have been tested in World Cup for two seasons.

Swix VR62 Hard Klisterwax Fluor 45g

For moist and fine grained snow. Good when fresh, slightly wet to moist snow 0°C to +3°C. Works well in older transformed snow +1°C to -2°C. Have been tested in World Cup for two seasons.

Swix VR65 Red/Yellow/Silver Fluor 45g

For moist snow. Excellent wax on fresh slightly wet to moist snow. When used below freezing high humidity is required, or old finegrained snow.

Swix VR70 Klisterwax Fluor 45g

For wet and moist new snow. Works also on wet transformed snow down to 0ºC (32ºF). Apply thicker if very wet.

Swix VR75 Soft Klisterwax Fluor 45g

For wet snow, glazy tracks. Must be applied evenly. To be used in tracks only.

Swix VX43 High Fluor Grip Wax 45g

Top layer High Fluor Kick Wax for New snow 0⁰C /-2⁰C,Old snow-2⁰C/-8⁰C.

Swix VX53 High Fluor Grip Wax 45g

High Fluor Kick Wax , New snow 0⁰C /+1⁰C,Old snow 0⁰C/-3⁰C
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