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Cera F Warm Rocket Spray 70ml

Liquid fluorocarbon topping for -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F). For transformed and fine grained snow. Used on top of Cera F powder or mixed with the powder. Can also be used on top of HFX and LFX waxes with good results. Less expensive than HVC®.

FC78 Super Cera F Powder

A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C.

Swix DHF104BW Marathon 40g

0°C to +20°C. A hard durable glide wax for long distance cross country racing. Developed especially for wet dirty contaminated snow. High Fluor content. The hard consistency absorbs less dirt in wet conditions and works well in cold conditions. BW additive is for reduced friction against dirt particles. The BW additive is also positive in cold conditions when there is partially dry friction.

Swix F4 Easy Glide Wax Fluor Liquid 80ml

F4 high water-repellent fluoro past wax in tube for skis and snowboards. For all snow conditions. Apply, Polish and go! Liquid with applicator. 80ml.

Swix F4 Easy Glide Wax Fluor Paste 40ml

F4 high quality water-repellant fluoro paste wax for skis and snowboards. Handy pocket size with applicator pad inside. For all snow conditions. Apply, polish and go! 40ml

Swix F4 Paste Wax Tube

F4 High water-repellent fluoro past wax in tube for skis and snowboards. For all snow conditions. Apply, Polish and go! For optimal results use F4 Combi Brush (T0166B): Polish with felt and then brush. 75ml.

Swix FC10X Cera F Powder 30g

The warm Cera F for very wet conditions.

Swix HF10BWX Black Wolf 40g

Due to the success to the HF Waxes with the Swix BD Additive, the Cera nova Category 2 Group is expanded by the addition of HF10BW.
Black, +10°C to 0°C (50°F to 32°F). The softest wax in the Black Wolf -line. The preferred choice on wet, dirty, coarse-grained snow as a base for Swix Cera F FC10 or FC10B0. Recommended iron temperature setting of 110°C (230°F).
This is an Excellent wax for new wet snow mixed with older man made snow. 40g.

Swix HF10X Yellow 40g

For very wet conditions. Falling wet snow, rain, and a water saturated snow surface. At these temperatures dirt in the snow is often concentrated at the surface, therefore HF10 is best used with Cera F FC10 as an overlayer. 40g. Temperature Range: +10° to 0°C

Swix HF7BWX Black Wolf 40g

For high humidity. Durable yet still easy to iron and scrape. For very coarse-grained snow and new snoe, or newly made man-made snow over a warm, moist snowpack. The BW solid lubricant resists penetration of sharp snow crystals. Also very resistant to dirt in the snow. 40g. Temperature Range: -2° to -8°C

Swix HF7X Violet 40g

HF7X is one of the most widely used waxes in the Cera Nova System. It is durable yet easy to iron and scrape. It makes an excellent base layer before applying Cera F FC7. Its wide range falls within a common winter-time temperature. And, from “7” it is easy and effective to make warmer or colder adjustments with overlayers. 40g. Temperature Range: -2° to -8°C
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