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G3 High Performance Heel Kit

The High Performance Heel Kit is a unique accessory that highlights the progressive nature of G3 equipment.

High Performance Heel Kits include 5mm anti-ice plates, long climbing wires and screws for mounting plates directly to G3 21mm Climbing Heels (not included).

High Performance Heel Kits provide a wider anti-ice boot platform for improved edge control and allows secure fastening of loose binding cables.

Available Colour: RED ONLY Weight: 79g / 2.8oz

G3 Ion Binding

The highest performing, most user friendly and most reliable lightweight tech binding you could ask for. Power up, then charge the descent.

G3 Quiver Killer Inserts

Allows you to easily remove and swap bindings between skis. Contains 16 inserts.
*M5 screws sold separately

G3 Rustschblock Cord

An innovative avalanche accessory providing vastly improved performance over the traditional knotted rope and producing effective snow profiles with minimal effort.
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