Garmont Prophet NTN

Picture of Garmont Prophet NTN
A Telemark boot that feels like an extension of the foot.
Picture of Garmont Prophet NTN
Manufacturer: Garmont
Picture of Garmont Prophet NTN
Garmont Prophet NTN
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If you are a tele skier, you've been dreaming about this. A Telemark boot that feels like an extension of the foot. The new Prophet NTN uses the new Garmont Power Wrap shell. The high Overlap shell design follows the contours of the foot and ankle more precisely than traditional tongue designs for the most responsive, progressive flex.

Shell: Quadruple Injected Pebax
Liner: Rapid Thermoformable
Closure: 3 Wide Open buckles and Power Strap
Forward Lean: 25° and walking mode
Weight: 1820 grams (4.01 pounds)

Available Sizes: 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5

Click Here for the Rottefella NTN Binding system. NTN is a totally new concept in construction, appearance and performance. When comparing the NTN to a 75 mm binding it would be like comparing a propeller plane to a jet!

The Power Wrap shell fits out of the box like bootfitter has already customized it. The shell wraps very close to the foot and has been punched and shaped to fit the anatomy of the human foot.

  • More room for the big toe - allowing the toe to point forward where it can provide the best balance
  • Room for the "6th" toe or Tailor's bunion - accommodating a typically tight spot for most skiers
  • Room for the navicular bone - typically crunched when buckling performance boot. We've punched a pocket for this bone.
  • Punched asymmetrically for the ankle bones
  • Deep heel cup to accommodate common heel spurs

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