G3 Ski Leash - Metal Clasp

Picture of G3 Ski Leash - Metal Clasp
Built with a robust metal thumb trigger and generous lengths of coated cable. This is a reliable telemark ski leash that will keep your beloved skis close by in the event of a spill.
Picture of G3 Ski Leash - Metal Clasp
Manufacturer: G3
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G3 Targa Anti-Ice Plate

Replacement anti-ice plates (pair) for the G3 Targa bindings. These eliminate ice build-up underfoot and maximize boot fit and ski control. This item is the replacement Targa Anti-Ice Plate that mounts on the toe plate of your G3 Targa Binding. Bindings are left and right specific so you need to get the correct left or right plate. The Sets include both a left and a right anti-ice plate.

G3 Targa Tour Heel Throw

The G3 Tour Heelthrow results in a 32% saving of energy required to flex a telemark ski boot. Energy that, when multiplied by thousands of uphill strides, significantly reduces your workload during ascents. In the down or tour mode position, the Tour Heel Throw reduces the amount of pressure created by the pre-compressed cartridges when in the upright ski mode. Note: the Heel Throw does not include the stainless steel heel tube and springs as shown in the image. Sold individually.

G3 High Performance Heel Kit

The High Performance Heel Kit is a unique accessory that highlights the progressive nature of G3 equipment.

High Performance Heel Kits include 5mm anti-ice plates, long climbing wires and screws for mounting plates directly to G3 21mm Climbing Heels (not included).

High Performance Heel Kits provide a wider anti-ice boot platform for improved edge control and allows secure fastening of loose binding cables.

Available Colour: RED ONLY Weight: 79g / 2.8oz
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