G3 Expedition Climbing Skins 90mm

Picture of G3 Expedition Climbing Skins 90mm
The Expedition skin is G3’s time-tested and proven synthetic climbing skin. The Expedition skin utilizes a tip loop attachment system that comes in three sizes and is sure to fit any ski tip. A laminated tail strap reduces drag, and G3's new RipStrip to ensure the skins remain easy to pull apart. All Expedition skins are made with G3’s specially designed plush for superior glide and traction, and our proprietary dependable non-toxic/solvent free glue formula. Even if conditions change around you, your G3 skin performance won't.
Picture of G3 Expedition Climbing Skins 90mm
Manufacturer: G3

Easy to peel apart at all temperatures
Quick drying and packable
Easily trimmed to the shape of any ski for maximum traction
Hassle free and effective
Installs quickly, can be removed with skis still on
Fits any shape ski

Width: 90mm
Length: All skins are 205cm - Easily custom cut to length with the G3 Trim Tool (included)
Weight: 696g
Material: Synthetic plush, non-toxic solvent free adhesive.
Connection: Depend on a fool-proof installation with G3's patented Tip & Tail Connection System.