FC78 Super Cera F Powder

Picture of FC78 Super Cera F Powder
A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C.
Picture of FC78 Super Cera F Powder
Manufacturer: Swix
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A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C (34°F to 14°F). Positioned between FC8X and FC7. High melting point 144°C. Recommended iron setting 165°C (330°F). FC78 is ironed twice during application. Iron, brush back to powder form, and iron again. The base waxes for FC78 are generally HF6, HF6BW, HF7, HF7BW, HF8 and HF8BW. Available in packages of 30 gram. OBS! Should be used by experienced waxers to avoid overheating of ski base. Super Cera is a success in World Cups Alpine, Cross Country and Biathlon. It is especially good in transformed snow and covers both cold as well as wet conditions. Recommended for Vasaloppet and the Norwegian Birkebeiner Race.
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