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Colltex Camlock Tail Kit

Camlock tail-hook kit: 2 punched straps, 2 camlock tail hooks, and rivets

Colltex Carving Mix Ski Skin

Mixed mohair/synthetic fabric. The proven adhesive ski skin with end hooks and rubber clamps. Extremely resistant to wear and abrasion. Dimensions: 100/66/85
$399.00 SAVE 30%

Colltex Express Wax Universal 40g

Ideal for all applications. When applying to skins, we recommend rubbing directly with express universal wax in the direction of the hair: the skin glides superbly. The ski can also be waxed with express universal wax before the descent. Also suitable for hot waxing the skis. When waxing with an iron, the remaining wax must always be removed with a wax scaper after it has cooled - otherwise the wax can adversely affect the adhesion of the skin.
$21.95 SAVE 20%

Colltex Hotmelt Tape

Easy to apply glue roll lets you reapply glue to Colltex skins with the hotmelt glue.
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