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Swix T0157O Oval Horsehair Brush

Second brush or all round brush on Cera F. 5 to 10 strokes.

Swix T0160B Blue Nylon Cera F Brush

Fine blue nylon brush for final brushing of Cera F application. Comes without cork back.

Swix T0161B White Nylon Brush

Coarse white nylon brush. Economical all purpose brush for soft and medium waxes. Or as the initial brush in the Cera F process.

Swix T0161O

All round brush.

Swix T0161SB Small White Nylon Brush

Practical pocket sized all round brush.

Swix T0162B Medium Bronze Brush

0.15mm. This brush is the first brush used after scraping. 10 strokes. The T0162B has medium coarse bronze bristles with blue nylon around edge.

Swix T0162O Oval Medium Bronze Brush

First brush used after scraping. 10 strokes.

Swix T0164B Wild Boar Brush

0.15mm bristles. Wild boar hair brush. Second brush on Cera F 5 to 10 strokes.

Swix T0166B F4 Combi Brush

This is the ideal brush when applying any F4 product. White felt for spreading the F4 product evenly on the base and for polishing. The Nylon for brushing and removing excess wax from the structure. This process can increase the durability of any F4 product.

Swix T0179B Rectangular Steel Brush

0.18mm. Used as first brush on wax after scraping. 5-6 strokes. High quality steel brushes that has had an excellent reception in racing.

Swix T0181B Swix Oval World Cup Brush: Coarse Bronze.

0.18mm. World Cup professional standard oval brush with hand strap. This brush has coarse bronze bristles, and a row of softer nylon bristles around the outside edge as "sweepers" for wax particles. Used always before each waxing. Can also be used as first brush after waxing. 10 strokes.

Swix T0191B Rectangular Fine Steel Brush

Ultra fine bristles. Goes deep into the base structure. Cleans and refreshes the base. Often used as second brush on wax. 4 to 5 strokes.

T0157B Swix Horse Hair Brush

Quality horse hair, for initial brushing of Cera F and other high flurocarbon waxes.