Bliz Breeze

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Lightweight pair of technically advanced glasses that go perfectly with all types of sports and activities. Ultra low weight matched with advanced eyewear specs gives you endless possibilities in your everyday training. Remove the Top Bar, attach your head strap, adjust your temple tips and nose piece. Includes interchangable category 3 & orange cat 2 lenses.
Picture of Bliz Breeze
Manufacturer: Bliz
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Breeze 30
Turquoise frame with cat 3 smoke/silver mirror lens, & cat 2 orange lens.
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Breeze 10
Black frame with cat 3 brown/blue multi lens, & cat 2 orange lens.
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Equipped with a Nordic Light lens, a high tech lens that considerably enhances the contrasts in low light conditions and flat light.a unique model, technically advanced and fully customizable. Lightweight and with Jawbone technology. Both the nose pad and temples are adjustable, giving you unbeatable comfort. The big cylindrical lens is ventilated and maximizes your field of view. Comes with extra jawbone & nose piece.