Black Diamond Megawatt

Picture of Black Diamond Megawatt
Black Diamond's flagship deep snow ski, the Megawatt craves big lines at high speed yet is remarkably agile when terrain calls for quick turns in tight spaces.
Picture of Black Diamond Megawatt
Manufacturer: Black Diamond


The epic continues with the third generation of our legendary powder slayer, and it just keeps getting better. With the addition of sidewalls, the Black Diamond Megawatt gets even quicker and more stable on firm snow, while retaining the premium powder high performance it has come to be known for. 

  • Wide 125 mm waist with a supportive, crud-busting tip and set back wide point for super quick edge-to-edge performance
  • Rocker tip and Semi-Rocker tail for surfy balance in any soft-snow condition
  • Poplar 3D CNC wood core with pre-preg composite construction and Formula One Technology with three ribs for maximum torsional stiffness
  • 8 mm ABS sidewalls and skin-friendly, concrete protecting ABS tail protector
  • Optimal use: 80% soft snow / 20% hard snow


Rocker has moved from a niche, powder-specific design to a versatile tool that allows for easy turn initiation, smooth turn release and agile turn-shape variation in any condition. By tuning the rise and length of tip and tail rocker to each ski’s intended use, we’re able to dial in the exact character we want—from deep-snow specialists to hybrid fun-shapes. We have grouped our rockered ski profiles into three categories—Rocker, Semi-Rocker and Traditional based on the tip or tail’s rise length.



  • Powerful, stable skis; proven in the backcounty, built to excel anywhere
  • Maximum torsional stiffness and a smooth, controlled ride
  • ABS tail protector protects against concrete and is notched for skin use


Weight Per Pair :  
[178 cm] 4.1 kg (9lb 1 oz)
[188 cm] 4.8 kg (10 lb 9 oz)
Dimensions :  
[178 cm] 150-125-131
[188 cm] 151-125-131
Turn Radius :  
[178 cm] 33 m
[188 cm] 35 m
Construction :  Formula One 3D Sandwich
Poplar 3D CNC wood core with Pre-Preg Composite Construcction
ABS 8 mm sidewalls
Power Edge