Bike/ Roller Ski Cleaning & Lubrication

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Swix BA100 Dry Lube 100ml

SWIX Dry Lube ensures a great chain lubrication in dry conditions. Sprays on to leave a thin, protective layer. SWIX Dry Lube is eco-friendly, biodegradable and user friendly. Spray bottle. 100 ml.

Swix BA110 Wet Lube 100ml

SWIX Wet Lube ensures great chain lubrication in wet conditions. Hydrophobic and dirt resistant. SWIX Wet Lube is the product of countless iterations and deep research and development. Biodegradable. Liquid bottle with practical «twist-lock» opening. 100 ml.

Swix BA120 Degreaser 250ml

SWIX Degreaser removes grime and oil residues from the chain leaving it ready to be maintained. Born from years of World Cup ski tech cleaning and support, this bike formula is eco-friendly, biodegradable, leaving no residue and a drivetrain ready for lubrication and performance. Biodegradable. Spray bottle. 250 ml.

Swix BA130 Bike Wash 1000ml

A powerful, gentle cleaner for the entire bike. Effective, even at low temperatures.