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Swix 10mm Racing Basket RDTR93S

Large racing baskets best suited to soft snow conditions. Standard Pressed steel tip.
$25.00 SAVE 20%

Swix RDTR97L TBS 97 Large Basket

Large 97 basket gives good support on soft surfaces and wet conditions.
$39.95 SAVE 20%

Swix Triac Basket White Paw Pendulum TBS

The Triac White Paw Pendulum Basket has a lighter alloy tip to help reduce the Pendulum effect on the poles.
$39.95 SAVE 20%

Swix Extra Large Force Racing Basket

Extra Large basket for Swix Force poles. Model:RDTRFXL
$29.95 SAVE 20%

Swix RDTRTL2 Black Paw Basket Large

Carbon Paw is made for softer conditions. Recommended on groomed trails.
$39.95 SAVE 20%

Swix RDTRTS2 Leaf Basket Small

The Carbon Leaf covers a wide range of snow surfaces with excellent pendulum properties.
$39.95 SAVE 20%

Swix RDTRTXS2 Claw Basket XS

The Carbon claw is super lightweight and well suited on hard surfaces.
$39.95 SAVE 20%

Black Diamond Freeride Basket

A 75 mm version of our Powder Basket for inbounds ripping. Sold in pairs.

Black Diamond Powder Basket

100mm diameter basket with inner circle of grippy teeth for bite. Price per pair.
$15.95 SAVE 20%

Swix Deep Snow Basket

Swix 150mm deep snow basket, black. Sold in pairs. Model: RDTR340

Swix Flexible Leather Basket

Swix 120mm flexible leather basket, black. Sold in pairs. Model: RDTR442

Swix Ski Ferrule 10mm

Swix 10mm long Ferrules, black, pressed metal tip. Sold as a pair. NOTE: Not for Roller Skiing Use.

Swix Touring Basket

Swix Touring Baskets available in white and black. Sold in pairs.

Black Diamond Trekking Pole Tip Protector

The Black Diamond Trekking Pole Tip Protector adds grip and reduces noise and terrain scarring while on the trail. Sold in pairs. Weight Per Pair : 25 g, 0.9 oz