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Madshus Glittertind MGV+

The Glittertind MGV+ is one of the most versatile skis in the backcountry lineup.
$495.00 SAVE 20%

Asnes Ingstad

A back country ski with a generous sidecut, built for speed and agile turns. An ideal ski for demanding descents and extended traverses across flat terrain alike, its versatility comes from a moderate wax pocket, a pronounced Nordic rocker, and a tapered tip: it is stable, willing to turn, and easy to handle in deep snow and demanding terrain. The ski’s triple core of paulownia and poplar allows a low weight: a pair of 200cm skis is fractionally over 2kg.
$655.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Annum 78

The new Annum blends a Nordic heritage with a wider, turn-oriented platform to create a completely unique, light backcountry touring ski. Its deeper progressive side cut and carbon reinforcement initiate smooth turns and hold a strong edge, while the 78mm waist and wide tip handle soft snow with ease. The Annum lets you kick, glide and climb confidently with the MGV Omni base, whether you’re touring for turns or just exploring winter’s wonders. This model replaces the Karhu Guide backcountry skis. New for 2011 this model replaces the Karhu Guide backcountry skis.
$649.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Eon 62

The Eon is the classic bridge between Nordic and Downhill design, the embodiment of efficiency and versatility for off-trail travel. Its narrower platform, MGV Omni waxless base and added camber tour with ease and provide a snap to your stride. For the occasional descent or rolling terrain, the Eon turns quickly with its deeper sidecut in the forebody for a relaxed, smooth ride. This model replaces the Karhu XCD GT backcountry skis.
$595.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Epoch 68

A confident go-anywhere ski, the Epoch quickly covers ground up or down hills, and anything in between. The MGV Omni base provides superior kick and glide with a progressive, positive-set waxless pattern, while the progressive radius sidecut and full-length edge turn effortlessly with the Epoch’s lively flex. From logging roads and backcountry trails to forested glades and low-angle bowls, the Epoch skis with ease.

This model replaced the Karhu XCD 10th Mountain skis.
$639.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Fjelltech M50 IGS

A do-it-all Nordic touring ski with an integrated IntelliGrip skin. The 50mm waist allows this ski to cruise the classic tracks with ease and then ready to hop off into the backcountry at a moments notice. No matter which adventure you choose, in track or off-piste, the Integrated IntelliGrip skin will be there to ensure you always have secure kick and a smooth glide.
$599.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Trolltind (waxable)

The Trolltind is a robust wide body BC ski with extra side cut for exceptional carrying capacity and easy turning outside the trails. The Trolltind is a real adventure ski!
$425.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Voss/BC 50 MGV+

For the ultimate backcountry experience, look no further than the Voss MGV+ nordic ski.
From $343.20