Asnes Tindan 86

Picture of Asnes Tindan 86
The Tindan 86 is a ski you can use both for long tours and for exhilarating turns. The Tindan 86 is a slimmer, lighter and more easy-going version of the Fjøro 92. This is a ski with a classically tensioned wood core and an 18.7 meter turning radius. Lightweight and easy to control, these are a superb choice if you’re after skis equally at home on the tour or putting down turns on the groomers. And although spectacular fun on freshly-prepared snow, these are built with a tip with enough give to handle most conditions on long tours.
Picture of Asnes Tindan 86
Manufacturer: Åsnes
Dimensions 167cm 176cm 187cm
Tip  120mm   122mm   125mm
Waist 86mm 86mm 86mm
Tail 98mm 99mm 99mm
Radius 16,5m 18m 19,5m
Weight 1190g 1250g 1330g

These skis are equipped with Skinlock for the instant attachment of the ACCESS skin – a short and lightweight climbing skin, perfect for long approaches and moderate terrain, that fits in the jacket pocket. The Access skin is so light that there’s no reason not to take it with you: now you can access that lovely touring terrain you can’t get to from the lift. Cunning! We discount the purchase of a ski/skin combination to $1039.