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Asnes Access Climbing Skin 100mm Mix

ACCESS SKINS: Skin locks on alpine touring skis are something you only find on Åsnes ski. Access skis are simply made as wider short skins, made for alpine touring skis. They are suitable for access use, meaning that the work perfectly for long approaches in flat terrain, when you need maximum glide on your alpine touring skis, for short hikes from a ski lift in the resort or as a lighter and more compact alternative to regular long skins. They fit in your pocket! The access skin takes up very little space and fits in your inner pocket. Therefore, there is no excuse for not bringing them when skiing in the resorts. That way you can do a short hike with skins instead of “booting” but that small slope next to the resort.
$169.00 SAVE 20%

Asnes Fjoro 92

How do you pick your line down the mountain? Let the Fjøro 92 skis help you choose! The playful taper and rocker on these skis is designed to offer a superb float on powder snow – the kind of support you could only find on wider skis before. And there are advantages to skis 92mm under your boots. Holding an edge is much easier, for a start – a definite asset on hardpack when close contact between foot and steel edge is crucial. Edge control when turning at speed is further improved by the Fjøro 92’s crosshatched carbon reinforcement. Fjøro 92 skis are light underfoot, stable on the steel edge, and simply amazing fun in the powder. Equipped with Skinlock for the instant attachment of the X-Skin Access skin – a short and lightweight climbing skin, perfect for long approaches and moderate terrain, that fits in the jacket pocket.
$1,095.00 SAVE 20%

Asnes Ingstad

A back country ski with a generous sidecut, built for speed and agile turns. An ideal ski for demanding descents and extended traverses across flat terrain alike, its versatility comes from a moderate wax pocket, a pronounced Nordic rocker, and a tapered tip: it is stable, willing to turn, and easy to handle in deep snow and demanding terrain. The ski’s triple core of paulownia and poplar allows a low weight: a pair of 200cm skis is fractionally over 2kg.
$655.00 SAVE 20%

Asnes Tindan 86

The Tindan 86 is a ski you can use both for long tours and for exhilarating turns. The Tindan 86 is a slimmer, lighter and more easy-going version of the Fjøro 92. This is a ski with a classically tensioned wood core and an 18.7 meter turning radius. Lightweight and easy to control, these are a superb choice if you’re after skis equally at home on the tour or putting down turns on the groomers. And although spectacular fun on freshly-prepared snow, these are built with a tip with enough give to handle most conditions on long tours.
$929.00 SAVE 20%
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