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Cera F Warm Rocket Spray 70ml

Liquid fluorocarbon topping for -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F). For transformed and fine grained snow. Used on top of Cera F powder or mixed with the powder. Can also be used on top of HFX and LFX waxes with good results. Less expensive than HVC®.

FC78 Super Cera F Powder

A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C.
$295.00 SAVE -1%

FC8X Cera F powder 30g

$295.00 SAVE -1%

Swix FC10X Cera F Powder 30g

The warm Cera F for very wet conditions.

Swix High Velocity Cera HVC Warm 50ml

After several years of research and testing, we are proud to launce our new High Velocity Cera Warm (HVC Warm) for those who want to go really fast. - This new super liquid has proven itself on the racing scene with top results in World Cup, and we are very satisfied with the positive feedback we have got, from both biathlon, cross country and alpine, says product manager Harald Bjerke. - We knew that the HVC Warm was very good based on our own test results, but it’s clearly a strength that the product so quickly was embraced by the service teams and racers on the top-level, he adds.

Swix Zero Spray

Protective, Anti-icing spray for Kick/Grip selection on cross country IntellliGrip / Zero skis. 100% fluorinated spray which helps to avoid icing on fresh moist snow around freezing (0ºC) To be used in the kick/grip selection on classic racing cross country skis with mechanical grip from factory or skis abraded with sandpaper. Let dry for two minutes after application. Comes with upside down applicator. 50ml Air Temperature Range: 0°C