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G3 Zed 12 Binding

Starting with the proven platform of the ION, G3 looked at every part, every mechanism, and every screw to evolve the idea of a fully featured binding at the lightest weight possible. The ZED 12 defines the next generation of lightweight high-performance touring bindings. At only 358 grams, its the lightest fully featured tech binding.
$949.00 SAVE 20%

K2 Pinnacle 95

Our testers jumped at the chance to get on this year’s K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti. After gaining traction of the past couple of years, the Pinnacle series really came into its own. Skiers realized that you don’t have to have the stiffest and strongest ski to enjoy your day on the mountain, what you really need is the proper ski for your ability and the terrain and conditions that you normally ski. Enter the K2 Pinnacle 95: it’s a no-nonsense ski but it is born from playful parenting. The designers at K2 built a ski that can handle any and all conditions. It can carve on groomers, float through powder, and bust through crud. If there’s a better-rounded ski out there, we’d like to see it.
$999.00 SAVE 30%

Madshus Nano Carbon Skate N17

With the new Integrated Power Base, the Nano Carbon Skate takes your skiing to a new level with category-leading power, control and acceleration. The Race Fit is slightly larger volume than the Super Nano Skate, providing performance and comfort, including good fit for higher volume feet needing more room than the Super Nano Skate. RevoWrap and MemBrain softshell ensure a secure fit and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.
$895.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Redline 3.0 F3 - Soft

F3: for soft snow conditions. Using top calibre racing for ultimate design and provide the fastest skis possible. Redline F3 feature Tuned Dynamic Response technology to provide phenomenal energy return and maintain optimal gliding surfaces throughout the entire duration of the ski push – improving snow feeling and maintaining speed. Between the two models the F2 is designed with longer pressure zones and a longer groove to improve stability and maximize top end speed, while the F3 is built to have shorter pressure zones and a revolutionary back-only groove. This design truly excels in softer or slower snow where it often feels like you need to switch to offset (V1) technique to maintain momentum. By removing the groove in the front pressure zone, it is now easier to turn the ski onto edge in the correct position for efficiently maintaining double skate (V2) further into uphills.
$1,149.00 SAVE 20%

Madshus Redline F19 Skate

The Redline Skate boot has been re-engineered from the inside out to provide even more stability, power and control. Weighing in at a mere 450g for a size 42, sporting a stiffer Power Cuff, and built on top of a totally new Redline Integrated Carbon Base, you can ski confidently, knowing that nothing is stopping you from achieving your best.
$1,249.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Cross Jacket Dark Aubergine Womens

Cross jacket Womens is a classic softshell piece for multiple training conditions.Light thermal insulation, elasticity and higher comfort of use compared to traditional woven shell fabrics.
$199.00 SAVE 20%

Swix PS8 Wax 180g

-4°C/+4°C (25°F to 39°F) PS8 - Performance Speed 8 Red. A great base prep wax! The PS series are great gliders for training and competition with good glide properties.
$45.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Roto Brush System Merino Wool

Merino wool brush for cold application of waxes
$265.00 SAVE 20%

Swix Surmount All Weather Shell Jacket Mens

An all-year versatile waterproof and windproof shell jacket with stretch, high level of water vapor breathability.
$599.00 SAVE 20%