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Cera F Warm Rocket Spray 70ml

Liquid fluorocarbon topping for -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F). For transformed and fine grained snow. Used on top of Cera F powder or mixed with the powder. Can also be used on top of HFX and LFX waxes with good results. Less expensive than HVC®.

FC78 Super Cera F Powder

A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C.

Swix All Purpose Scraper for Hard Wax

Plastic scraper for removal of kick wax or wax on the sides.

Swix Alu Light Roller Ski Pole

Lightweight special reinforced aluminum roller ski pole. Comes with PC handle featuring high friction TPR in the grip zone, the Pro Fit 2 strap and super durable roller tip. Reflective tape along the lower section of the pole ensures better visibility while roller skiing in the dark.

Swix Alu Light X-Fit Pole

Alu Light, X-fit Lightweight special reinforced aluminum pole. Comes with 100% natural cork handle and the new developed X-fit strap.

Swix Aluminium Touring Performance Pole

Conical aluminum pole with touring handle, shaped strap and large 97 racing basket. Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Lengths: 125 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, cruising.

Swix CH10X Wax Yellow 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix CH4X Wax Green 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix CH5X Wax Turquoise 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix CH6X Wax Blue 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix CH7X Wax Violet 180g

$29.95 SAVE -8%

Swix CH7X Wax Violet 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix CH8X Wax Red 180g

$29.95 SAVE -8%

Swix CH8X Wax Red 60g

$14.95 SAVE 0%

Swix Classic Aluminium Performance Pole

5086 Aluminum. PC handle, BIA strap and large. This aluminum pole comes with the touring basket TR400 which gives it a more universal usage area since it can be used both on loose snow and groomed trails. (Not the '97 baskets shown) Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Lengths: 125 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, cruising.

Swix Classic Roadline C2

A perfect all-around rollerski, the Classic Roadline C2 is fit for a wide audience of skiers ranging from the recreational skier to elite skier. Complete with a Rottefella NIS plate and pre-drilled for SNS. The design has reflective elements for excellent visibility and road safety.

Swix Classic Touring Pole

The new Classic pole is equipped with a standard shaped strap, PC handle and TR400 touring basket.

Swix CT4 Advanced Composite Pole

$199.00 SAVE 30%

Swix CT5 Performance Composite Pole

$179.00 SAVE 39%

Swix DHF104BW Marathon 40g

0°C to +20°C. A hard durable glide wax for long distance cross country racing. Developed especially for wet dirty contaminated snow. High Fluor content. The hard consistency absorbs less dirt in wet conditions and works well in cold conditions. BW additive is for reduced friction against dirt particles. The BW additive is also positive in cold conditions when there is partially dry friction.

Swix F4 Easy Glide Wax Fluor Liquid 80ml

F4 high water-repellent fluoro past wax in tube for skis and snowboards. For all snow conditions. Apply, Polish and go! Liquid with applicator. 80ml.
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