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Black Diamond Megawatt

Black Diamond's flagship deep snow ski, the Megawatt craves big lines at high speed yet is remarkably agile when terrain calls for quick turns in tight spaces.
$829.00 SAVE 39%

Black Diamond Neve Pro Crampon

A 10-point aluminum crampon for snow climbing and ski mountaineering, the Neve is the go-to choice for lightweight performance.

Black Diamond Pure Carbon Telescopic Ski Pole

With 100% carbon fiber shaft construction and FlickLock Pro, the Pure Carbon is pure backcountry performance.

Black Diamond Quickdraw Super Tour Probe

As the most-versatile probe in the Black Diamond line, the QuickDraw Super Tour Probe 265 has become a favorite of backcountry skiers everywhere. Its tapered ferrel design lets you set up this probe with a single pull. No wasted time inserting sections or screwing down an end cap. Black Diamond gave the QuickDraw Super Tour Probe 265 markings every five centimeters to help with accurate snow pit evaluations.

Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axe 75cm

A traditional mountaineering piolet built with lightweight materials.

Black Diamond Swift

All the control you need and all the comfort you crave, in one sweet package - that's the Black Diamond Swift Alpine Touring Ski Boots. This boot features tremendous touring capability, with 40˚ of resistance-free cuff movement and a super comfortable Efficient Fit AT Light Boa® Liner, but locks down securely when the Triax Pivoting Cuff is snug against the lower shell of the boot. The new and improved liner features a 1:1 Boa® closure system that weighs less but tightens in a fraction of the time.

Black Diamond Transfer 3

The transfer snow shovel model takes a more traditional design approach, opting for maximum extendable shaft length. But the tradition stops there. The unique trapezoidal shaft cannot rotate, allowing for simple spring-pin engagement, and creates a very lightweight and stiff reach for large rescues or digging deep pits. The ultra-strong aluminium blade is engineered for maximum snow removal with the smallest footprint of space and digs smooth, clean walls for pit analysis. Its handle feels like a D-grip but packs like a T-grip – small but glove and mitt friendly in one elegant design while allowing for all the leverage you need.
$19.95 SAVE -300%

Black Diamond Traverse Telescopic Pole 105-155cm

Black Diamond's classic workhorse adjustable pole, the Black Diamond Traverse features an all-aluminum construction to handle the beating dealt by day-in and day-out backcountry touring. The FlickLock® Pro adjustability offers dramatically improved clamping force in a low-profile design, and the pole's Touring Series grip and strap provide lightweight, ergonomic comfort.

Black Diamond Warrant

$749.00 SAVE 26%

Carson LumiLoupe Stand 10x Magnifier

LumiLoupe stand 10x magnifier has pre-focused duel lens for examination of snow crystals close-up while its transparent acrylic base allows ambient light to illuminate the snow crystals and stop them being blown away by the wind or being melted by your breath.

Diamir Freeride Plus M

The Diamir Freeride set a new benchmark with its combination of outstanding downhill qualities and functional walking mode. But the Diamir Freeride Plus demonstrates that even high standards can be surpassed: Power Transmition Control simply puts it in a class of its own. Ultimate downhill performance combined with top-class Walk mode. The safety standards of an alpine ski bindings. Extremely convenient to use very. Very low weight despite full performance range

Douchebags Slim Jim

Slim Jim carries a single pair of alpine skis or several pairs of cross-country skis conveniently with length-adjustable technology.
From $199.00

Elpex Classic Rear Wheel

60mm wide. Suits Elpex Classis Roller Skis. 'post 93' model.

Elpex F1 Skate Wheel Complete

Solid rubber wheel with bearing, spacer and bolt.

Elpex F1 Skate Wheel Only (no bearing)

Solid rubber wheel only not supplied with bearing, spacer or bolt.

FC78 Super Cera F Powder

A sensational Cera F powder with a wide ideal range from +10°C to -10°C.

Fischer RCS Skate Plus Medium

New: the proven winners' ski with World Cup experience is now also available as a Hole Ski. The pendulum motion is reduced and less effort is required as a result. Thanks to this top technology the RCS is particularly close to its big brother. The Plus model is used in conditions above -5°C.

Fischer Superlite Crown

The Superlite Crown is the top model for recreational skiers looking for absolute skiing enjoyment: its noticeable weight reduction with Power Layer makes it a true highlight. The Vario Crown model gives you a powerful kick action and maximum smoothness when gliding.

Fischer Superlite Crown EF

Top seller with Vario Crown for skiers searching for absolute skiing enjoyment. The new Efficient Forward technology gives the body of the ski a previously unattained elasticity which drives the sporty, ambitious skier to achieve top performances thanks to a forgiving kick action and an easy-going skiing experience.

Fischer Twin Skin Race

The skin ski for extremely sporty cross country skiers. Two separate skin strips arranged in slightly offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in smooth and harmonious gliding. The 100% mohair gives you real grip, above all in hard or icy conditions.

G3 240 Speed TECH Probe

FAST, RELIABLE, RELATIVELY LIGHTWEIGHT, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - INTUITIVE. THE RIGHT GEAR FOR WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS. Completely redesigned with G3’s new quick deploy mechanism, Speed TECH avalanche probes meet the needs of recreational users and professionals, combining reliability and strength while being relatively lightweight.

G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins 100mm Medium (168-184cm)

Effortless glide, solid traction and the most secure attachment system to get you higher, faster.

G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins 115mm Medium (168-184cm)

Effortless glide, solid traction and the most secure attachment system to get you higher, faster.
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