Roto Brushes

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Red Creek #149 Roto Brush, 140mm Alpine Racing

Alpine. White fine nylon, racing. Finish brush for polishing.

Red Creek #167 Roto Brush, 140mm XC Combi

Combi XC. Horsehair hard/blue nylon, racing. Begin with horshair after scraping and then blue nylon (polishing). Alternately, same method also when brushing powder, fluids, fluoro blocks etc. Ev steel fine, steel ultrafine or brass fine before polishing to open the structure optimally.

Star RB13 Horse-Hair 10mm Roto

Horse-Hair 10 mm. Finish brush for high fluorcarbon waxes. 40076.

Swix T0012PS Protection Cover for Roto Brush

For Rotobrushes, 100 mm.

Swix T0014HN Roto Brush Handle

Delivered without drive shaft. Suits Swix hexagonal drive shafts.

Swix T0014SL Drive Shaft for Handle 210mm

Hexagonal drive shaft for mounting two Roto brushes, each 100 mm.

Swix T0016M Roto Brush Horsehair

The initial brush on all waxes. Used on regular waxes and Cera F. (Do not use the same brush on regular wax and Cera F.) 100 mm wide.

Swix T0017W Roto Brush Nylon

Finish and polish brush for paraffin wax and Cera F. 100 mm wide.
$95.00 SAVE -4%

Swix T0018C Roto Cork

High quality cork for application of Cera F Powder, Solid and Liquid. 100 mm wide.

Swix T0018F Roto Fleece

The Fleece-Roto improves Cera F Powder and Cera F Solid performance. Apply the Cera powder to the base with a wax iron first. The Fleece-roto should be used a couple of times to get optimal performance. NB! Use separate Fleece brushes for each type of Cera F. 100 mm wide.