THE BORMIO FINALS 2008, Italy - Report from Swix Racing Service 19/3/08



End of the season again, and it has been a good one for Swix, better then the 2006/07 season!

The most important contribution to the success was two excellent new products, BW waxes which became a standard in 90% of the races and FC78 Super Cera that put the Swix name on the powder map again. It took half a season and the Kitzbühel race before the servicemen realized the benefits these products gave, but now they’re all enlightened! Also having the new FC8A Rocket Spray has been important for Alpine. Now we have to keep up the good work for next season!

The weather made the races in Bormio very strange, as we have experienced many other places throughout this season, too. The DH races were cancelled because of high temperatures and rain. Seeing Didier Cuche winning the overall title ahead of Bode Miller without racing was a bit strange.

We will use this opportunity to congratulate all the overall winners of the 2007/2008 season, and thank everybody that has contributed to our success!

We are all looking forward to holidays now, but also a little bit towards next season…

Swix Racing Service
- Mitja



Snow temp.

-2ºC /0ºC

Air temp.

0ºC /5ºC

Air humidity


Snow humidity (Ref. Doser instr.)


Snow type





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