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MSR Evo 22

It’s no mistake that you’ll find the same UniBody™ Traction of the utilitarian Evo snowshoe as the foundation for some of our most aggressive models. The best traction when heading up or down even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions is something everyone can appreciate. We hold the same standard for control, and the weather-resistant, three-strap PosiLock binding delivers it in spades on rolling terrain, while Modular Flotation tails make this the hands-down best value going for trail walking and all-condition day use.

MSR Evo Ascent 22

All-terrain traction combines with new, über-secure PosiLock AT bindings and energy-saving Televator heel lifts to let the Evo Ascent snowshoes take you anywhere you want (or need) to go. The rugged traction of UniBody decks and Pivot Crampons deliver top-notch security, while Modular Flotation tails allow a single pair of snowshoes to provide flotation across a broad range of snow conditions.

MSR Lightning Flash 25

Now compatible with the all-condition adaptability of MSR's Modular Flotation tails, the most aggressive snowshoes are built on a solid foundation of advanced, 360° Traction frames and deliver a level of ultralight security that tubular frames simply can’t — especially on traverses. SpeedLock bindings are freeze-resistant and easily adjustable, even when you're wearing thick golves, while aggressive steel cross members, Pivot Crampons and new, easily-engaged Ergo Televators back you up with every step.
$389.00 SAVE 25%

MSR Women's Lightning Ascent 25

What began as a solution for women has become the top choice of anyone with a narrow gait, or those seeking the lightest possible alternative in MSR's most aggressive snowshoe. Women’s 360° Traction Frames were engineered in conjunction with a renowned expert in athletic biomechanics resulting in a lower-profile frame that saves weight and improves agility with narrow gaits. Paired with the new, most secure, dual-component PosiLock AT bindings to create the most secure attachment, Modular Flotation tails, Pivot Crampons and new, easily-engaged Ergo Televators back you up with every step.
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