Black Diamond Deploy 7 Shovel

Picture of Black Diamond Deploy 7 Shovel
The new Deploy snow shovel achieve two important goals – maximum snow removal using the most efficient blade size and shape, and no-brainer fast deployment in emergency situations. The stiff, trapezoidal shaft does not rotate, allowing immediate spring-pin engagement and its ergonomic handle feels like a D-grip but packs like a T-grip – small but glove and mitt friendly in one elegant design. A smooth and flat shovel blade makes for easy pit analysis. Be responsible without cramping your style or your pack with the new Deploy shovel.
Picture of Black Diamond Deploy 7 Shovel
Manufacturer: Black Diamond

Curved, trapezoidal shaft nests in the blade of the shovel
Engages in a fraction of a second
Hybrid D/T handle
The Deploy 7 has a greater blade volume

A unique patent-pending trapezoidal bent shaft collapse into the 6000 series aluminium blade's pocket, allowing you to store the two components as one and deploy quickly with the squeeze of a spring pin.